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Adjunct Certification Training

ZACT 112 - Survival Skills for ACT Prog.

This ACT session acquaints adjuncts with technology available to use in the classroom at JCCC, learning management systems in use at the college, technology tools for the classroom, mandatory training modules (including harassment and ADA), getting help for technical problems, resources available through the library, as well as campus safety & security systems.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30027 002 -----S- 09:00-11:59 AM 02/11/17-02/11/17 TBA Krieger K 9 of 16

ZACT 160 - Strategies To Reach Students

In this module, participants will experience learning via the brain's natural cycle while gaining specific strategies and behaviors that promote student participation and engagement. The objectives of this module include understanding the three factors required to build successful connections with students, creating a connected classroom climate, and gaining familiarity with activities that engage students which, in turn, enhances learning. This session involves small group work and discussion.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30007 001 -----S- 09:00-11:59 AM 02/18/17-02/18/17 GEB 264 Vasquez A 10 of 16

ZACT 170 - Videotaping of Classroom Act

This module will require two separate video-recording experiences. The first part is a microteaching activity. After registering for one of the scheduled sessions, the adjunct faculty member will present a 5-7 minute lesson of their choice and receive feedback from their peers and the facilitator. The second part consists of video-recording one of the adjunct faculty member?s class sessions. After the session, the video recording will be reviewed one-on-one with the facilitator. Adjunct faculty will keep their own DVD's. NOTE: Each microteaching session is limited to seven participants.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30014 002 -----S- 09:00-11:59 AM 01/28/17-01/28/17 GEB 264 Young M 2 of 7

ZACT 175 - Web 2.0 Instructional Methods

This session will focus on instructional techniques regarding how to incorporate the use of Web 2.0 tools and strategies that can increase student engagement, promote critical thinking, and active learning.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30016 002 -----S- 09:00-11:59 AM 03/04/17-03/04/17 GEB 264 Grady T 7 of 16

ZACT 180 - Classroom Diversity Issues

This module provides adjunct faculty with an opportunity to discuss diversity from a variety of viewpoints, including the manner in which diversity presents opportunities and challenges in society and the classroom. In addition, hate crimes will be discussed within the institutional context.

Credit Hours: 3

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30012 002 -----S- 09:00-11:59 AM 02/25/17-02/25/17 GEB 264 Kappen D 8 of 16

ZACT 200 - Assessment and Curriculum

Is there something you want to understand better about your students? Do you want to find the connection between pedagogy and assessment? Would you like to develop a cycle of continuous inquiry into learning in your classroom? This session will explore the use of the Cycle of Assessment to help faculty increase student learning in the classroom.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30018 002 -----S- 09:00-11:59 AM 02/04/17-02/04/17 GEB 264 Barrett S 8 of 16

ZACT 221 - Active Learning

This interactive, hands-on module will focus on integrating multiple learning tools into the college classroom. Basic brain research will provide the background for developing lessons that engage students and make the most of a learning situation. Join us for this fun-filled session modeling easy-to-use strategies supported by cognitive research.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30021 002 -T----- 06:00-08:59 PM 01/31/17-01/31/17 GEB 264 Shopper M 11 of 16

ZACT 222 - Strengths-Based Classroom

Building upon the current literature and research available through StrengthsQuest and Gallup, this module will introduce faculty members to the idea of incorporating and implementing strengths-based pedagological techniques in their classroom. Specifically, the objective of this module is to demonstrate techniques instructors can utilize to help students recognize their own unique strengths in order to help guide students toward reaching their full potential.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30023 002 --W---- 06:00-07:59 PM 02/22/17-02/22/17 GEB 264 Grady T 14 of 16

ZACT 223 - Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the classroom occurs when the traditional instructional process occurs in an online learning environment. Face-to-face class time is then devoted to active learning or problem-based learning opportunities that are associated with viewing/hearing class lectures outside of class prior to attending class. In this module, we will discuss course design and techniques associated with this teaching strategy.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30025 002 -T----- 06:00-07:59 PM 02/07/17-02/07/17 GEB 264 Grady T 12 of 16

Center for Teaching & Learning

ZCTL 600 - Brain Book Discussion

Colleagues discuss and study books about the brain and how one learns. A different book is studied each semester.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30168 002 -T----- 12:00-12:59 PM 01/24/17-03/14/17 GEB 264 Shopper M 16 of 18


ZORN 100 - New Staff Orientation Part 1 of 2

Each month a general two part orientation is held for all employees new to the college. The session contains information about the culture and history of the college, an overview of the student body and the mission and goals of JCCC. Employee subject matter experts present on the topics of sustainability, risk management and wellness. Employees should wear suitable shoes for the one hour campus walking tour.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30162 007 -T----- 08:30-11:59 AM 01/31/17-01/31/17 GEB 264 Eisenhower D 14 of 18

ZORN 110 - New Staff Orientation Part 2 of 2

This session of orientation acquaints new employees with campus safety & security systems, emergency preparedness, technology training system and campus resources.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30163 007 --W---- 08:30-11:59 AM 02/01/17-02/01/17 RC 245 Eisenhower D 18 of 20

KC Prof. Dev. Council

ZPDC 125 - Performance Management

This session is designed to help supervisors manage the performance of their teams from setting expectations, giving feedback and finally conducting a formal performance appraisal. The exceptional supervisor is the one who can communicate expectations about the quality, quantity, and timeliness of work to be produced in a clear and timely manner and then provide consistent and objective feedback to the employee about his/her success in meeting those expectations. The session is very interactive with a variety of small and large group activities. Participants will come to understand the impact of diversity on performance appraisals. After receiving this training, the participants will be able to:? Understand why it is appropriate and how to set performance expectations? Recognize and apply sound principles of giving (and receiving) feedback? Explain why performance appraisals are often viewed as a negative experience? Identify means to diminish the fear and anxiety that often accompany performance review? Identify strategies for handling not only positive appraisals (the easy ones) but those requiring corrective action as well (the difficult ones)? Apply the strategies for conducting performance appraisals to any appraisal instrument currently in use

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30084 001 --W---- 12:30-04:29 PM 01/25/17-01/25/17 Off Campus PARKU Faculty 2 of 12

ZPDC 180 - Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of work. Whether between individuals or teams, at some point, conflict will arise and need to be addressed. But resolving conflict doesn't need to be a negative experience, in fact, managing conflict can be a catalyst for positive change.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30147 001 --W---- 01:00-03:59 PM 03/01/17-03/01/17 Off Campus KCKCC Faculty 9 of 10

ZPDC 245 - Engaging Online Students

Research based instructional strategies that promote student engagement in online classes will be shared. Instructional design guidelines will be used to identify structure and organization that encourage student interaction with the content, with other students and with the instructor. In addition, sample activities and assignments that promote student engagement will be included in the presentation. Following basic instructional design guidelines you will identify components in online courses that promote student engagement. In addition, you will have hands-on time to work on a course to identify one component that can be incorporated into one of your courses to increase student engagement for your students. A sample course will be provided for those who do not currently have access to a course. After participating in this session you should be able to:?Identify at least one component that promotes student engagement in an online class.?Evaluate an online course for engagement opportunities.?Identify course design elements that promote student success.?Develop or refine one online activity to increase student interaction in a class.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30109 001 --W---- 01:00-03:59 PM 02/22/17-02/22/17 Off Campus KCKCC Faculty 5 of 7

ZPDC 420 - Enhancing Teaching & Learning

The Enhancing Teaching & Learning conference is a KCPDC professional development activity that provides an opportunity for educators from member institutions to share their successes in the classroom.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30110 001 -----S- 08:30-03:59 PM 03/04/17-03/04/17 Off Campus CCC Faculty 8 of 10

ZPDC 603 - Strengths Based Leadership

Whether we realize it or not, someone is always looking at us to decide whether or not they will follow us. This interactive session is designed for participants to develop a deeper understanding of how to utilize their strengths to enhance their performance, their relationships both at work and in their personal life.This session is open to participants who have already taken the Strengthsfinder assessment and have attended a workshop such as the one conducted by KCPDC in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Participants are expected to know their top five strengths and are encouraged to bring their strengths report. Previous KCPDC strengths session participants may access their strengths report at StrengthsQuest.com

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30146 001 -T----- 01:00-03:59 PM 02/07/17-02/07/17 RC 270 Eisenhower D 6 of 10

Staff Wellness Activities

ZWEL 100 - Weight Training & Conditioning

The instructor will take you through weight training and conditioning with variations on all three days.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30164 002 M-W-F-- 12:10-12:49 PM 01/18/17-03/10/17 GYM 022 Hall T 13 of 30
M-W-F-- 12:10-12:49 PM 03/20/17-05/15/17 GYM 022    

ZWEL 120 - T'ai Chi

This gentle form of exercise can prevent or ease many ills of aging and could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life. Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion," but it might well be called "medication in motion." There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems. And you can get started even if you aren't in top shape or the best of health. No special clothing is required...come as you are.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30165 002 -T----- 12:10-12:49 PM 02/14/17-03/10/17 GYM 007 Gordon S 26 of 30
-T----- 12:10-12:49 PM 03/20/17-05/16/17 GYM 007    

ZWEL 130 - Yoga

The class is beginner to intermediate level yoga, and it progresses through the semester. Yoga is an integrative discipline that teaches strength, flexibility, endurance and harmony. Participants say yoga has added balance to their day and life. The relaxation techniques have rejuvenated them for the rest of the day. This activity adds strength and flexibility.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30167 002 ---R--- 12:10-12:49 PM 01/19/17-03/10/17 GYM 007 Beattie-Nelson A 8 of 30
---R--- 12:10-12:49 PM 03/20/17-05/11/17 GYM 007    

ZWEL 135 - Zumba

Zumba® Fitness exercise classes blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography for a total-body workout that is exhilarating and effective but feels more like a celebration! Come join the fun with licensed Zumba® Fitness instructor Luzma Alvarez.

CRN Days Time Date Location Instructor Seats Open
30166 002 M-W---- 05:00-05:49 PM 01/18/17-03/10/17 GYM 007 Alvarez L 9 of 30
M-W---- 05:00-05:49 PM 03/20/17-05/15/17 GYM 007    
Clinic Courses (CLI) provide practical application and are offered on or off campus. Instructors supervise/direct student in a simulated or on-site setting.
Face-to-Face Courses (F2F) take place in a classroom. Based on JCCC's Statement of General Education. Students in all classes, including face-to-face classes, are expected to use technology appropriate to the course content and as needed to access web-based course materials. Face-to-face classes typically require access to computer equipment (either at home or in college labs provided for student use) and computing skills utilizing standard office, business and web browsing applications.
Hybrid Courses (HYB) combine face-to-face classroom instruction and the convenience of online web-based learning, resulting in a reduction of the amount of time spent in the face-to-face classroom and a significant increase of time spent studying online materials. Students registered in hybrid courses must attend class meetings as listed in the JCCC Schedule of Classes.
Internships (INT) provide experience to students for on-the-job training with cooperating businesses, agencies, and organizations. The number of hours for each internship varies.
Lab Courses (LAB) are face-to-face classes where students perform tasks as directed by faculty. Faculty members monitor the activity and provide individual and/or group instruction/assistance
Media Courses (MED) deliver all or a portion of instruction through either cable broadcast or pre-recorded video lessons. The videos are available in DVD format from the Billington Library.
Online Courses (ONLNE) use the Internet and a Learning Management System (D2L) to deliver course materials and to facilitate student-instructor, student-content, and student to student interaction. To participate in online courses, the student should have a good understanding of computer hardware and software applications and the Internet.
Continuing Education Online Courses (CEONL) and materials are delivered via the Internet. To participate in online courses, the student should have a good understanding of computer applications and Internet navigation. For more information about this course and other online learning options visit CE Online.
Private (PLV) lessons for credit are available from beginning to advanced in voice, piano, guitar, brass, woodwind and percussion. Lessons are scheduled by arrangement with private music instructors.
Self-Paced Courses (SEL) and Self-Paced Online (SPO) are offered on a schedule of study that allows students more flexible scheduling options. Course interaction is based upon a contract between student - instructor and in some cases can take up to one calendar year to complete. Some courses may use online delivery to facilitate the learning experience.
Self-Paced Courses (SEL) and Self-Paced Online (SPO) are offered on a schedule of study that allows students more flexible scheduling options. Course interaction is based upon a contract between student - instructor and in some cases can take up to one calendar year to complete. Some courses may use online delivery to facilitate the learning experience.
Travel Courses (TRV) may require in-class activities as well as traveling to a destination. Students will be responsible for the cost of the travel as well as the course costs.
Seats Open is an approximation of the number of seats available and may not represent the actual number of seats open at the time of registration.
This course is approved by the Kansas Board of Regents for guaranteed transfer among all Kansas public postsecondary institutions. Additional courses may also be eligible for transfer. Please visit the JCCC Registrar to learn more.